The Flower and the Trees

The Flower and the Trees

A wilted flower

Leans towards the ground

Tall oaks and friendly aspens

Crowd out the light

And stand so tall

“Why are you wilted, little flower?”

A friendly aspen asks

“I cannot reach the sun.

It is too far away for me to reach it.”

“Why don’t you grow taller?”

Asks the oak.

“I am not a tree, I am a flower.”

The aspen and the oak

Exchange a glance over the flower.

“Well, all you have to do is grow

and become a tree like us.

It is easy. It is what we do.”

“But I am a flower,”

Says the little flower.

“I cannot be a tree.

I like being a flower.”

The oak and the aspen

don’t understand.

Why would a flower not want to be a tree?

A few days pass

It is now a windy day

And the wilted flower is blown back and forth

Crying out in fear,

Overwhelmed by the wind,

The flower huddles close to the ground

“Why are you crying out, little flower?”

Asks the aspen.

“The wind is so strong!”

“What wind?” says the oak

“I feel hardly anything at all.

Just a slight breeze.”

Another gust of wind blows by

And the flower is pushed over by the force

A few leaves in the trees rustle faintly

“Little flower, why are you so weak?”

Says the oak.

“You should become stronger

and then the wind won’t knock you over,”

Says the aspen.

“You don’t understand,” says the little flower

“I am not a tree! I am a flower.

I like being a flower!”

Exasperated, the oak says, “Why?

Being a tree is better.

We are able to reach the light.

We can feel the rain.

We have many other trees to talk to.

We are strong.

You are all alone

and you are wilted.”

“I like my colors,”

says the little flower.

“I like being able to see

all the animals and the bugs

that live in our forest.

I try to talk to the trees

so I won’t be so lonely,

But you cannot hear me

Unless you lean down.

But still I want to be a flower.

I could not be a tree.”

After this the oak and the aspen

Would lean down every day

To talk to the wilted flower

Time passed

And the trees easily forgot

About the little wilted flower

The flower could not play the same games

Or see the birds pass overhead

“The flower’s world is so small,”

The oak said to the aspen.

“Perhaps the flower should be moved,”

They thought,

To go be with other flowers

So one day they leaned down again

To see the little wilted flower

“We think you should go be with the other flowers,”

They told the little flower.

“But I cannot leave!” said the flower.

“But why not? There is nothing here

For you on the forest floor.”

“That is not true.

See that little bee that comes to be every day,

Without me, he could not get his pollen.

And what about the the baby raccoons

That I have been watching grow.

And the ladybug who sleeps

Under my leaves every night.

This is such a big world full

Of so many things

That are hard for a tree to see

“But you are so wilted, little flower,”

Said the aspen.

“I just need more water,” said the little flower.

So every day, the oak and the aspen

Would lean down and drop dew

Onto the little flower’s roots

At first, it was hard to see the difference

But as the days passed,

The little flower grew stronger

Was able to help the little bee more

And able to keep sheltering the ladybug

One day a big storm came to the forest

The oak and the aspen

Were afraid for the little flower

“The little flower will be blown away!”

They thought.

So they leaned down as far as they could

To shelter the little flower

“I am afraid!” The little flower said.

“The wind is so loud and it is so cold!”

“We will be here with you, little flower.”

All day and all night the storm blew through the forest

The next morning, the trees looked about

So many oaks and so many aspens

Had fallen to the storm

“Little flower, you have saved us!” They cried.

“If we hadn’t bent down to be in your world,

We would have been blown down by the storm.”

“No oak and apsen, I must thank you.

If you hadn’t come into my world,

I wouldn’t have wanted to survive the storm.

I love my little bee and my little ladybug,

But I have been a lonely, wilted flower

In a world of trees.”


Rachel –

A Mother of a Beautiful Autistic Flower I call Tyler

(C) Rachel Flinchum 7/2/2013
Please join me in supporting autism awareness and in supporting families that are growing up together with autism in their lives by donating to my Walk Now for Autism Speaks fund. Just a few drops every day will turn into something that could mean the difference between surviving the storm and wanting to survive the storm.


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