My Perpetual Fantasy

All of us have a cause that speaks to our hearts. We envision a better world, a safer world, a happier world. That cause emboldens us and enlivens us. Many times however, the reality of the situation kicks in. You realize how hard it is to change the world, the system, or the culture.

There are some of us who cannot afford to live in this reality. The ones using their cause to recover from tragedy. The ones using their cause to to recover from addiction. And the ones using their cause to fight for their children.

We live in a world of perpetual fantasy. We cannot afford to believe that what we hope and ache for will not become a reality. We cannot afford to let the dream die, because with that death we lose our light, our freedom, our children’s happiness.

We believe the door will open when we make that next phone call, or blog post, or Facebook status. When it doesn’t, we believe the door will open when we make the next phone call, or blog, or Facebook status.

No insurance coverage…call again next week. No more therapy slots…call again next week. No answers…find different questions. No hugs from your son…try again tomorrow.

To give up means you stop believing you can live on after the loss of a child, or to live free from drugs, or to accept that your child will live trapped in their own body.

I cannot afford to let the autism epidemic in the US to continue to remain the silent struggle that it is. I cannot afford to continue to watch my son suffer from lack of insurance, school funding, social misconceptions, and waiting periods.

So I continue to blog, and Facebook, and ask for donations. I have no fear of rejection. Rejection has no power over me now.

I will live in my perpetual fantasy of a world where Tyler has an autistic personality instead of an autistic disorder. Where alternate mind-styles are valued and where physicians, schools, insurance companies, and his classmates see him for the valuable asset he is to our community as opposed to a burden.

I see him telling stories and asking me why the sky is blue. I see him sneaking out at night to be with his friends. I see him enjoying concerts. I see him married and as a father.

I will never give up my fantasy. I will never settle for less than what I can get for him and from him.

I will never stop believing that you will join my cause. I need you, Tyler needs you, families like mine need you. This is our world and only we can make it better.

Come live in my fantasy and help it connect with reality a little more. Find a new way to reach out and touch the world. Tyler will be learning to do that every day for the rest of his life. Let’s answer back.

Support our family and others by donating to my Walk Now for Autism Speaks 5K Walk Fund by going to

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 7/9/2013


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