What a Mother Will Do

What a Mother Will Do

What a Mother Will Do Is

Long For You Before You Exist

Mourn the Unborn

Carry You Inside

Labor For You

Care for You When She is Broken

Hold You Through the Night

Know Your Smell

All of Your Smells

Miss Those Sleepless Nights When They Are Gone

Dream Of You

Dream For You

Cry For You

Comfort You

Hold You When You Are Sick

Lay Awake at Night Worrying about You

Swallow Her Pride for You

Feel Pride in You

Laugh with You

Tell Stories with You

Ask You About Your Day

And Really Want to Know Everything

Never Stop Believing in You

Never Stop Fighting for You

Never Stop Fighting Against Your Lesser Self

Will Always Believe You Can Become Stronger

When It is You and Her

She Will Be Your Wall

The Wall That Forces You to Keep Growing Higher

When It is You and Her Against the World

She Will Carry You When She Has No Strength Left

She Will Nurture You When She is Empty

She Will Turn and Face the Lions for You

I will never give up on you, Tyler.

I will never give up on you, Asher.

I will never let you defeat yourselves.

I will never let you accept defeat.

I will not let the lions get you.

Not while I still have a heart that beats.

And I will never stop fighting

To leave you a world that is better

Than the one you were born into.

I will always see the good in you

And push you to greater heights.

I will love your, “I love you”s.

And I will suffer your, “I hate you”s.

I will break when you are breaking.

And I will soar when you are soaring.

I am not the best mother in the world,

But I am Tyler’s Mother

And I am Asher’s Mother

And I will always

Turn and face the lions for you.


Rachel Flinchum

Help me bring to our children a better world.  A world of acceptance and diversity.  Help me bring back a sense of community and a desire to put our children first.   1 out of 54 boys and 1 out of 252 girls are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  We can no longer afford not to face the lions for these talented, sweet, struggling kids.  They bring to us new perspective, new vision, and new talents.  In order to do this, they see the world in a different way.  This also means they communicate to the world in a different way.  By providing contributions to Autism Speaks, you are helping them fund research, outreach, and family support.  These three things combined with the efforts of communities can turn this epidemic from a silent struggle into a victory for all of us.  You may or may not have an autistic person in your life, but you will.  And you will either bless the fact that their family beat the odds and had early intervention or you will wish that somebody had done something to help that family.  Please be that somebody.  Please consider a donation to my Walk Now for Autism Speaks 5K Walk Fund.  100% of donations go directly to Autism Speaks.  www.walknowforautismspeaks.org/arkansas/rflinchum

(c) Rachel Flinchum 7/10/2013

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