Perceptional Growth

As a child
I reached for the stars
I touched my dreams
I believed in fairytales
As a youth
I reached for my future
I touched my fantasies
I believed in absolutes
As a woman
I reached for my independence
I touched my mind
I believed in goals
As a wife
I reached for unity
I touched my passion
I believed in forever
As a mother
I reached for perfection
I touched my limits
I believed in laughter
As a mother of an autistic child
I reached my fears
I touched my grief
I believed in nothing
As a mother of an autistic child I then
Learned to be fearless
Learned to choose joy
Learned to believe in the unbelievable
As an advocate for autism
I reach for better
I touch a new frontier
I believe in a dream

I learned to believe in
Myself – because I can learn
My Husband – because he is a fighter
My Son Tyler – because he elevates
My Son Ash – because he reaches
Others – because only with you can we do this

From my heart,

Arkansas Walk Now for Autism Speaks Donation Page:

(C) Rachel Flinchum 7/23/2013


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