My Adventurous (For Me) Week

Right now I am sitting in a garage waiting for my first garage sale customer. I have never done a garage sale in this particular town so I have no idea what to expect. I am blogging though, if that tells you anything about the traffic we are getting. =)

The garage sale experience is an interesting one. You accumulate quite a bit of stuff that you know you don’t need or won’t use but don’t want to get rid of it. Usually these things are used once a year or so or have sentimental value.

Then you reach a breaking point. A moment when you realize that you have enough of these items for a garage sale. Add in stuff from your mother, aunt, cousin, and friend and you have yourself a full blown garage sale.

This time around we are donating all proceeds to Autism Speaks. That actually makes it easier. I was able to motivate myself to let go of more things. And while I really hope we raise a lot of money for Autism Speaks, I won’t be spending this money on myself, my family, or my bills – so I don’t feel that nagging stress to be highly successful.

After the garage sale, everything not sold will be taken to Goodwill and not back to my house. Do you know the significance of this? My treadmill is currently not covered up by a bunch of junk and it WILL stay that way.

My goal: start exercising tonight. I am doing the Arkansas Walk Now for Autism Speaks in a couple of months. I have to start exercising tonight. I doubt it will help Autism Speaks if I pass out halfway through and have to get taken to the hospital.

I have also taken a last minute vacation from work. Tyler is withdrawing more and more back into himself. His therapists had given up on making any progress with him and more and more often he does not respond when you talk to him. He is also having a lot of trouble with his emotions. He is losing his ability to deal with frustration and fatigue. He is also becoming much more dominant with Ash and needs to control what Ash is doing.

We are not sure what is causing this regression but I am glad that I have the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with him to try to relearn some of the things he has lost recently.

Monday night I spend in the hospital doing a sleep study. Yea. Either it will be bad and I have to use a machine to breathe while I sleep or it will be good and I will go home with nothing changed. Can you tell I don’t want to go? =)

I also start going to a therapist who specializes in helping women dealing with stressful situations like autism. The funny thing is that, just like Tyler’s therapists, mine is also not covered by insurance. Go insurance company! I also am really bad about going to a therapist once and then freaking out that they secretly think I am crazy or they say something I don’t like, so I never go back. I don’t need to let that happen this time.

So…busy week. Hopefully we will get a customer soon and that I can use my time wisely this week to take care of myself (exercise and therapist and sleep study) and also help Tyler get through this difficult time.

I wish I could raise my children full-time but I still can’t figure out insurance coverage or bills. Actively working on it. Unfortunately there is not really anything out there to help my family with this difficult time and decisions.

But we can do this. We can figure it out. I just really wish we had at least one ace, or any card, tucked up our sleeves.

More to come on my adventurous (for me) week…

If you want to virtually support our garage sale, we are also accepting donations to Autism Speaks. The link is

Good luck on whatever adventures this week brings to you!


UPDATE: Garage sale brought in $326 for Autism Speaks! Also met several families who had an autistic child. All wonderful people with great stories and all fighting like hell for their kids. One boy is just starting junior high and another is fascinated with birds. You could see the overwhelming love autism has brought to these families.

UPDATE: 7/27/2013 walked 1.3 miles on treadmill. Tried Charity Miles app on treadmill. That didn’t work well for treadmill, but I managed to get $0.03 donated to Autism Speaks through it. May need to look into finding a track to use.

(C) Rachel Flinchum 7/27/2013









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