Day 1 of Potty-Training (For Reals This Time)

1. Prep, prep, prep

2. Wearing underwear accomplished for the first time

3. Discovered Tyler does not mind sitting in pee covered clothes

4. Candy, toys, and positive feedback not working

5. Taking away clothes not working

6. Making a list not working

7. Restricting iPad helping to get him on toilet

8. I don’t think Tyler is aware of peeing until his clothes are wet and he doesn’t really notice that either

9. Reminders aren’t working

10. Sitting on potty every 15 minutes not working

11. Be prepared to do laundry

12. Turn down tv volume

13. Drink, drink, drink

14. Put a towel under him

15. Prepare for a Day 2

Today has been hard for Tyler and myself. But tomorrow we try again. Success or fail, we will do it together. Autism was present today, but it did not dictate our goals.

Other families are going through this too. Please consider giving to Autism Speaks to support families living and growing with autism.

From my heart,

At least lego boy and lego dog were having fun.


(C) Rachel Flinchum 7/29/2013


One thought on “Day 1 of Potty-Training (For Reals This Time)

  1. We had a lot of struggles with potty training. My son was about 4 before we started having any real success and it took about a year from there before he was mostly potty trained. He’s seven now and only rarely has accidents. The most useful tool for us was time on the computer. We really limit the amount of time we let him play computer games so getting extra game time was his incentive. If he had an accident he didn’t get the computer for the rest of the day. If he went to the bathroom on his own, w/o us having to tell him to go. He got 20 min. If he stopped playing to go to the bathroom he got an extra 10 min. You just have to stick with it. Just when you think you have made progress he will have a bad day/week/month. That doesn’t mean he isn’t going to make it.

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