Day 2 of Potty-Training (For Reals This Time)

I knew when I started potty training Tyler he only showed 2 of the 6 signs of an autistic child being ready to potty train.

What I didn’t know was whether or not my being at work during the week was interfering with a For Reals effort.

After two days of potty training, I have come to the conclusion that Tyler is not physically capable of either knowing he needs to go or keeping himself from doing it as it happens.

He sits on the potty now when I ask him to but does not understand trying to pee. He also is very embarrassed when he wets his clothes and will try to hide it. But when I ask him why he didn’t let me know he needed to go in between the every fifteen minute potty sessions, he looks lost. He only looks like that when something is beyond his comprehension. He also doesn’t seem to care or notice when he goes on the toilet, even with all my mega-praise.

He has also started having stronger physical reactions to it. He starts shaking and stimming with his hands. He loses all speech when he has wet clothes or is in between clothes changing.

We have moved from diapers to pull-ups at night with underwear during the day. So a full-time transition from diapers to pull-ups is a big step up.

Two days is not a long time to try potty training. But I know my son and I know he is just not capable of doing this right now. I am glad I took time off work to be with him and figure this out. It gives me a great measure of peace about the fact that it hasn’t happened yet.

I have two more days off with Tyler before I go back to work. The other issue that Tyler has been having is decreased verbal communication and interaction with people.

Time to accept victory over moving beyond diapers to pull-ups and focus on building Tyler up and encouraging him to talk and interact.

Time to play! Heaven knows Tyler and I need a little playdoh time after the past two days.

I would like to thank everyone for their advice and support during this effort. We haven’t given up. Just giving Tyler’s body more time to mature.

My mind is split in two right now as I fight to reconcile my perfectionist side which hates defeat and my mommy side which is learning to interpret defeats as a victory in something unintended. We all fail…if we did not, would we ever learn anything?

I feel like I have been learning A LOT lately. There is still A LOT I don’t know yet. Maybe playdoh can show me some answers.

From my heart,

My beautiful boy bathing with bubbles


If you are able and interested, please consider a donation to Autism Speaks to help families like mine.

(C) Rachel Flinchum

Please let me know your thoughts!

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