Different? vs Different!

I have always had a soft heart for animals. Growing up, I considered it a top priority to save all the animals in the world. I still am a big fan of The Nature Conservatory and other such organizations that protect our wildlife and their habitats. I used to give money every year to numerous organizations toward this end. (Sadly, when I read in Revelations that all the sea creatures were doomed, I moved all of my save the animal funds away from dolphins and stockpiled it into wolves. I love wolves. Before it was more of a 50:50.)

Now that I don’t live with my parents and have bills, my funds get allocated completely away from wolves.

But the point is, ecological diversity is something that is easy for me to connect with, appreciate, and understand the need of.

I have been painting more lately. Scenes that represent my thoughts on the value of diversity. I have been looking for a new series to add to my Dare To Be Different and Different…Not Less series. I have been thinking about diversity.

Protect Diversity is what I am going to call it I think.

I have never before associated the great importance diversity within the human race with ecological diversity.

For true ecological balance, you need the presence of innumerable kinds of life all working in perfect harmony. Some of this life is very likable…bunnies and flowers. But without bees and mosquitoes, the system would fall apart. Sometimes the bunnies can multiply too quickly and destroy it all. You have to have the wolves and foxes too.

How is it so easy to see this about wolves and bunnies but not about people? I have always appreciated diversity among people and have been taught all people have equal value.

But I am learning it is more than that. Not only is this diversity something to be appreciated, it is vital. It should be fought for. If we lost diversity, we would lose a part of our abilities. We would lose a valuable color in our spectrum of existence.

Our diversity can make life so very, very difficult. In fact, we will spend most of our lives learning how to interact because of our diversity.

What if, instead, we could spend our lives learning how to interact in the bloom of our diversity? What if, instead of being impaired, our society empowered us? What if, instead of Tyler having autism spectrum disorder, he had autism spectrum gifts? Instead of someone saying, “Oh, he isn’t responding in therapy,” they said, “Tyler can read? That is amazing! Let’s forget the speech averages he isn’t hitting and get him into a classroom so maybe he can help other kids get inspired to read. What an exceptional child you have. His teacher is so lucky.”

If people were raised up to focus on their gifts instead of in spite of their gifts, perhaps our harmony would be sweeter.

Our disharmony is not currently working. People flock to others of their kind to find a “home” and persecute others to justify their security. We cannot all be bunnies or wolves or flowers. We need all kinds to flourish and survive through time.

I am socially awkward and blunt, but I can write and I can see the world in a different way than anyone else. I see patterns and hints of the unseen by most. Judged by the former, I am unworthy. Judged by the latter, I am invaluable. All individuals have both a former and a latter.

Which will the world accept? It is in your hands.

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 8/5/2013


2 thoughts on “Different? vs Different!

  1. You have such a refreshing perspective. I have never thought of diversity that way, but what you said is so true. Always enjoy reading what you write!

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