Recent Musings

Had an interesting day on Friday, which bled into the weekend.

It has left me in a very reflective mood.

In my search to advocate for autism, I have also been looking for ways to open my eyes to the things others are advocating for as well.

This also makes me think about how people interact with each other in life. After all, relationships are a give and take balance. People maintain relationships if they get something from them…love, friendship, compassion. But those things need to be given as well if the people in your life want to continue to maintain a relationship with you.

I think it is easy to confuse this. It is hard not to cross the line and expect the person on the other end to fulfill needs that are not in their cards to fulfill.

As we grow our needs become deeper and more complex. If we continue to expect another to fulfill these needs completely, the job becomes more and more impossible.

Our coworkers are people we spend most of our waking hours with, but they are not friends. At the end of the day, this is a job in a difficult economy. Coworkers are on the defensive and will go to shocking measures to protect their place at work.

Spouses are not and cannot be capable of being mind readers. Needs can only be met if they are communicated.

Children are just kids. They can’t be expected to put forth a particularly great effort if I am having a stressful time. In fact, my stress makes it harder for them to thrive.

At the end of the day though, only I can choose happiness. Only I can navigate the path laid out for me.

We all have moments when we ask ourselves…what do I have to offer the world? Sometimes we have an answer. Sometimes we do not.

I think how often we ask ourselves this question and how we seek the answer says a lot about who we are, who we will become, and who we are to others.

In the end, how I contribute to others will define me better than how others contribute to me. My loyalty and fortitude during times when another cannot provide the same will provide me with resources that another could never give me.

Never let another person dictate your actions or reactions. Never excuse yourself from the right course because of another.

The high road is never as much fun at first, but you will go further on it and keep mud out of your eyes.

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 8/5/2013



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