Going Live

I have messaged with the Autism Speaks crew but I have never met any of them face to face.
Tomorrow I will.
There is a small fundraising dinner I am going to. There is another one on Saturday that is the Walk Kickoff.
And even though I am a 33-year-old professional woman, I am a little nervous.
I am much better on paper than in person. I am a writer. Mingling with people is not something that comes naturally to me.
But if I am going to continue to advocate, I need to work with the people who are doing the same thing.
These are the people who are out there every day, helping to make this a better world for Tyler.
These are my new “cool kids” and naturally I am nervous about them liking me.
It seems silly, but it is what is on my mind tonight.
I am starting a new and exciting chapter of my life and I wonder about the people who will be stars in the show.
One very good sign is that all of these gatherings are at pizza joints. Yes, a very good and yummy sign…

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 8/13/2013



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