First Day of School

Tyler is starting school on Monday. Today is the day that it finally really hits me. No longer is this an occurrence that will happen in the future or near future. It is here. Parents have a lot of worries about their kids going into school.

Tyler is not potty-trained yet. There will be times he will need to go to a quiet place to come down from an overload. We are going to have to pay the school for every breakfast and lunch because what Tyler will eat does not qualify for an acceptable brought meal. The list of requirements for his meals is a portion size specific list that has protein, vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates, and dairy. Tyler won’t eat protein, vegetables, or fruit. He can become sick if he consumes too much dairy. So instead of sending him off to school with the food he will eat, we are going to buy him school meals. I am hoping that watching the other children eat these foods will motivate him to give them a try, but this is something no one has been able to make any progress in so far. His parents, his grandparents (both sets), and his therapists have never been able to get him to broaden his range of edible foods. I have always been a very picky eater and as I grew I accepted more and more foods into my diet. Improvements will come, but they will come on Tyler’s schedule.

I am nervous about Tyler’s teacher finding out that he is still in diapers, but this is an important time for me to remember not to allow expectations (good and bad) to dictate the outcome of a situation. It is what it is and that is all there is to it.

I am actually sad that there is no list of cute crayons and notebooks that I need to buy. I know these lists will come soon and then I will be mortified with the cost, but I enjoy buying things like crayons. Thinking about all of the crafts and letter learning he is going to do is very exciting to me. This is the beginning of a new chapter in Tyler’s life. He will meet new kids of his own age and be able to play with them. His therapists are at the school and can do his therapy while he is there.

This really is an amazing opportunity for him. He is going to be in a 4-year-old program so he is starting a year early. This is going to give him a huge advantage.

I am going to bawl like a baby after I have dropped him off Monday morning.

Good luck, my sweet little guy! I love you! Keep trying, you can do this! You are my strong, brave little man!

From my heart,


In a mere 7 weeks, our family and friends are participating in the Arkansas Walk Now for Autism Speaks to raise support for Autism Speaks. We would love to have your support for this great cause. The website for my Walk Page is Go to the main page and search for Team Ty-ty to learn more about our team and to join us!


(c) Rachel Flinchum 8/15/2013



4 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Rachel I am proud of you being a small part of your life when you are young. You turn to be a wonderful mom.. I love to read and read all your stories here!!

    • Thank you! I have already started the massive prep his mind will need to make the change and I think we are in a good place to start on Monday. Meet the teacher tonight! Yikes! What are we doing in three Ni-Ni’s? School!!!

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