Goodbye, Issue

Sometimes having a reoccurring issue or hangup is like sitting down for a game of poker.

You keep playing because you are waiting for that great hand or a good streak.

Some nights you win a lot. Some nights you lose a lot. A lot of times it is a wash.

But you keep playing night after night, hoping the odds will be in your favor again.

You learn to hide your “tells.” You develop good luck rituals. You have to wear the lucky underwear.

So much energy goes into beating the odds every night.

After months and years, you are still at the table. Sometimes winning a little and more often losing a little. Or a lot.

The only way to get better is to get better at faking your way through the bad hands and downplaying your reaction to good hands.

The only way to stop losing is to choose not to sit down.

I choose not to sit down. No more playing my issue every night, trying to manipulate the odds.

I choose to use my time more wisely.

Goodbye, Issue. I will play with you no more. I have better things in mind.

From my heart,

Rachel Flinchum 8/20/2013



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