My New Book

I am super excited. My new book is finished. I got a copy in the mail two days ago!

I know I put it on Amazon myself, but it was still crazy being able to find it on Amazon when I searched for it.

I loaded it up with pictures and poetry, but the bulk of the content is about figuring out how to get a better handle on life. It is about learning how to live again instead of just surviving.

It also has my most helpful info from my first book that includes some very important things that have helped me work with some of Tyler’s issues that come with his autism.

I even have the book listed on the Autism Speaks directory.

Please take a gander! If it looks interesting, order one. It came from my heart!

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 8/21/2013



Please let me know your thoughts!

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