Thank You to Homer Adtkins Elementary School

Tyler started Pre-K this week.

I did not receive any frantic calls from the school. I did not receive any angry calls from the school.

What I have received is the support from caring teachers. Teachers willing to work with his issues. Teachers willing to change his pull-ups. Teachers buying him special quiet time toys. Teachers helping me figure out his food issues.

What an amazing, amazing blessing.

Today is just the third day. A teacher walked by while I was talking to the principal about Tyler’s food and gave him his name tag without me having to tell her Tyler’s name.

After walking so long in the deep and dark places, I find myself in a fragrant field.

I have to pause. The beauty of it is overwhelming. Would I have noticed it without having come upon it from the dark?

Thank you, Homer Adkins Elementary School in Jacksonville, AR.

You have no idea how much you are helping my family and my child.

This is a new chapter with new players. People who choose to care. An answered prayer so long whispered in the dark. A new belief born and a dying one revived.

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 8/21/2013



3 thoughts on “Thank You to Homer Adtkins Elementary School

  1. It is wonderful to see that Tyler will get more love and move assistance and that you will have an amazing support system of teachers and what will probably be friends. Maybe the uplifting take away is that you would not have known these wonderful people without your dear son, you would not have felt the love that they are sharing, you would have not known the light but for the darkness. Better things are to come, and if nothing else new things are to come. You can both do it!!!

  2. awww, I love this! There are so many great teachers and administrators out there. They really do care. (I know — I have been both a teacher of a kid with issues, and a parent of a kid with issues.) What an incredible relief when someone “gets” your child, and they have a good day at school!!!

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