Keep On Keeping On

When I started advocating, I had an “ask everybody to get involved” attitude. Then I got burned a few times. A simple no is not the worst answer you can receive I found out.

So then I was confused and hesitated about talking to people. It was like standing in quicksand. Do you move? Do you stand still? Do you reach for the branch?

It is so rewarding though to go to meetings and hear people’s success stories. To see restaurants and companies getting on board with our amazing cause. It is inspiring and you walk away a little in shock at the awesomeness of the people you just shared a lunch with and definitely feeling like you are on firmer ground.

The longer you stay in the realm of advocating, the more connections you make. The more you learn how people navigate these waters.

It just takes the right words, the right timing, the right exchange. You also have to be willing to take the hard hits. The more than just a simple no response.

I am not quite there yet with knowing the right words, but I am growing and learning.

I plan to keep talking. I plan to keep believing. I plan to keep on keeping on.

My next step is to lead my team in the Arkansas Walk Now for Autism Speaks event on October 5th. One more month! To support me in my first Walk, my fundraising page is I am so honored to be able to help Autism Speaks by doing this Walk. They have been advocating for my son since before he was born. I am a lucky, lucky mom to have them.

From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 9/3/2013


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