Back in the Saddle

So life has been crazy lately. Turns out I am allergic to almost everything I was tested for. I will never again hug a tree…unless it is an evergreen. So I am doing allergy injections.
Tyler is in Pre-K and gets sick all the time.
So….I have been a lousy blogger. I go to work and then take care of the boys and then go to bed.
But I have missed this.
So today I want to give some nods to some good things I am thankful for.
1) Tyler was also tested for allergies and food allergies. He is allergic to absolutely nothing.
2) Tyler loves school and is doing great with all of the rules and routines. All of his teachers are great.
3) Ash is really growing up and saying the cutest things. My favorite is after he is done being mad, he will look at you, smile, and say, “I am happy now!”
4) Benny (the hubs) is now working part-time and doing all the doctor appointments and giving the in-laws a break from full-time childcare.
5) We just got back from our annual trip to Big Cedar Lodge, which had many ups and downs but the ups were amazing.
6) I don’t get to go Black Friday shopping this year but I do get to babysit a cute puppy over Thanksgiving.
7) The Walk Now for Autism Speaks Walk went great and my team was awesome!
8) It is Friday!
9) On Fridays, my work provides lunch.

Here are some pics from Tyler at school, the family trip, etc!










From my heart,

(C) Rachel Flinchum 11/22/2013

Please let me know your thoughts!

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