Just Because Its Legal to Kill a Cat Doesn’t Make It Right

I worked at a vet clinic for two weeks a long time ago. While I was there, a cat was brought in to be put asleep. Her kidneys kept failing and she was suffering.
I was the one to hold her when it happened. I remember the injection was bright pink. I remember what it felt like for her to slip away. To be alive one minute and then to be gone a few seconds later. I wanted to yell, “Wait! Take it back!”
Experiencing death from within the shelter of your arms means you carry a piece of that death with you forever.
So you can imagine why I am so grateful for places like the Humane Society. It is one thing to stop the suffering of an aging cat. That was hard. But to do so to a healthy animal because they have no one able or willing to give them a home…it shouldn’t have to happen like that.
Animal shelters with a no-kill policy will always have my moral support. This month I am going to take it a little further and hopefully will have a good turn-out for my donation drive.
Social change begins with one person taking one step.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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