Switching Lanes

My Expensive New Lotion Didn't Get Used By Me

My expensive new lotion that Blue Fish decided he wanted to try out. =)  nothing was left when he was done. Said he was oxy-cleaning.


This first post is to let everyone know that I am changing the focus of my blog.  There will still be stuff in here about my boys, of course.  But the focus will not be so much about autism as it will be about me figuring out if I should be proud that I got the boys to eat a piece of cheese with their goldfish or if I should be disappointed in myself that I didn’t even break out the apple slices that I know they will run screaming from.  I am hoping I will manage to pull off some funny in all of this.  If this is not something you want to get updates about, I will understand if my follower count goes down.  Just want to be reals ya’ll…just want to be reals.




Please let me know your thoughts!

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