About Red Fish and Blue Fish

Are you ever driving along in your car thinking that you are doing ok in life, and then start questioning if you are doing ok in life, and then start worrying that you aren’t doing ok in life, and then start crying because you have no idea if you are doing ok in life?  Do you sometimes just wish someone would come along and give you an objective report card that not only compares you to a group of your peers but also provides you with a curve for all the hard stuff in your life and then also grades your hard stuff against the hard stuff occurring to a group of your peers?
I am reasonably intelligent.  I am educated.  But for the life of me, I cannot figure out when I should push myself hard and when I should cut myself some slack.
Super mom, super employee, super wife, super pet owner, super homeowner, super friend, super me.
Watching stand up comedy (thank you Nick Mom tv!) about other parents broke down a lot of barriers for me that were keeping me from being able to figure out who I was instead of worrying about who I wasn’t.
Luckily for you, I am going to be turning my blog into my tale of figuring out who I am.  I am calling it Red Fish and Blue Fish because of my two sons who are total opposites.

Red Fish – my beautiful, structured, determined, autistic son

Blue Fish – my handsome, chaotic, passionate, dramatic son

And don’t forget my husband and myself….and our two dogs…and the fish tank…and our extended families…and the house…and the yard…and our jobs…and our health…and hobbies…and school activities…I think I made my point.  =)

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