The Freedom of Choice is a People Thing

If our situation in life is not what we want, most of the time we can do something about it. We can change jobs, change houses, change relationships, change our diet, change our attitudes. It is a freedom of mankind.
One of the fringe benefits of our customizable lives is the ability to decide if we want a pet. These pets bring something into our lives that can be of minimal impact or can be instrumental to our wellbeing.
Our pets do not have the freedom of mankind to draw upon. They cannot decide to change their jobs, houses, relationships, diets, or attitudes. Most of the time they have phenomenal attitudes and if there are any behavioral issues, it is the result of being treated poorly.
Every dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, goldfish, and bearded lizard that is born into the pet world is completely dependent on the decisions of its owner. They have no power. No say in any decisions.
That is why I am so glad that we have organizations that look out for these animals. Organizations that get laws passed to protect them so that abused animals can be removed from their environment.
People in bad situations, ones where they are degraded or not appreciated will say they feel like they are being treated like a dog, like an animal.
No person should ever feel like that. And if that is worth saying, it is also worth saying that no animal should feel that way either.
I am supporting my local humane society this month to show my appreciation for what they do. Will you do the same with me? Every dog collar, every can of kitten formula, every dollar is more than doing nothing.
Do you have a different cause that is important to you or have you made a Humane Society donation recently? I would love to hear what other people are doing in this world of ours.
To check out the Humane Society where I live go to Humane Society of Pulaski County. They do really great work.


Humane Society of Pulaski County Writes Legislation

One of the things I learned in 2013 is that everybody has a cause. Sometimes people are more involved in their cause than others, but everybody has something that tugs on their heartstrings.
In fact, it is very overwhelming the moment you open the door to the world of active support. But the biggest truth I learned was even if you collect 1 roll of paper towels that is 1 more than would have been donated without you.
It is also true that I would donate more often to things if it were more convenient. Hard to admit but true.
So I am turning myself into a drop box. Once a month I am going to pick a charity, make a Facebook event, and then sit in a parking lot to accept goods and donations. This month it is the Humane Society of Pulaski County here in Arkansas.
Their website is My sister-in-law did a donation drive for them and found out one of their biggest requests was paper towels. Broke my heart.
They are amazing. Not just because they have a no-kill philosophy, not just because they rescue cruelty cases, not just because they rehabilitate these animals, not just because they have volunteers Facebooking like crazy to give them a loving home, not just because they play with the animals and make them happy…all that is true. But the biggest and most amazing thing they do is write and promote legislation that will have long-lasting effects on the welfare of animals.
Legislation is a powerful tool. With legislation you expand your limited resources into the resources of a state or federal government. Animals in Arkansas have more protection under law because of the Humane Society of Pulaski County.
Donate to them this year and receive a small felt applique from me as a thank you. Just message me with your address and I will make it and mail it to you. Patterns and colors will vary. Also check out my Facebook event Humane Society Donation Drive on Jan 26th. Check out the Humane Society or shelter in your area. Donate to them and I will send you an applique as well.


From my heart,